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BitTorrent is a large files downloader application with the easy-to-use BitTorrent client. You can share data peer-to-peer via BitTorrent protocol in BitTorrent, i.e., the Torrent client. BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols to download and upload large files like movies, e-books, games, digital video files like series, TV shows or digital audio files like songs and music albums in an efficient and quicker manner. BitTorrent is not just for downloading files (movies, songs, and games, etc.,) but also to share them. The interface is very simple and contains only the essentials for file sharing, which means it is very easy for the beginners to search and download files or to upload files. Click here to Download BitTorrent.

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Download BitTorrent for Windows PC

BitTorrent allows you to download multiple files in parallel from different peers. For each and every download and upload, the interface shows the download and upload speed, file name, size, seeds, and peers. Overall usage can be monitored by using the graphical or tabular view. Magnet files can be added to torrent sites or from within BitTorrent. To download files that are available through BitTorrent, you need a .torrent file. You can download torrent file directly from a website, or you can also get torrent files from your friends or any others. Many sites won’t provide direct download option instead they offer .torrent files for downloading files to download files from their websites. So, these sites will be either index sites or trackers. It also provides details about the files available, the source of the files and the data size that is being transmitted.

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Download BitTorrent for Mac

BitTorrent is the best torrent client for Mac users. The BitTorrent software allows you to easily download HQ (high quality) digital content like movies, games, and music. It is fast, lightweight and native Cocoa Mac client. You can perform multiple downloads simultaneously. BitTorrent contains protocol encryption, trackless support, and peer exchange. There are a lot of difference in downloading BitTorrent with Mac OS clients from free download torrent websites. Every year, a new torrent client software comes out. But, BitTorrent for Mac is the best torrent software to download and share digital files.

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Download BitTorrent Pro

BitTorrent Pro is an upgrade for an ad-free version that includes various features like anti-virus, file conversion, and a built-in HD media player. Generally, BitTorrent is a p2p (peer to peer) network for file protocol communication used widely to disperse data over the internet. It is most commonly used for sharing huge files like movies, software, games and much more.

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BitTorrent Search Engine

BitTorrent is used to download large size files (movies, songs, games, documents, etc.,) and you can also upload files and time varies based on its size. To download a file, you need a .torrent file, or you should have the direct URL to the .torrent file. You need a BitTorrent search engine to download .torrent files which will be available on many BitTorrent sites. There are many .torrent download websites which contain most of the files that you are searching for. Torrentz2 and IsoHunt are the two main BitTorrent search engines. Other search engines won’t be much effective on comparing with these two; Torrentz2 is the best and the most used BitTorrent search engine to search for files and download it.

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BitTorrent Sites – Top 10 Torrent Sites

BitTorrent sites have a free massive network for sharing databases. Most of the best BitTorrent sites are legal and free download sites. Downloading a torrent file depends on the number of seeds, leeches, and peers. BitTorrent is just a server or only a storage space. Torrent is a super fast computer network. You can upload a torrent file with the torrent extension, every torrent site reaches the torrent tracker and activates it on its server. Torrent trackers connect with your BitTorrent. Then the trackers submit your IP address to the site and download your files that you specified.

BitTorrent Download

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