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BitTorrent Download For Windows PC: BitTorrent is a large files downloader application with the easy-to-use BitTorrent client. You can share data peer-to-peer via BitTorrent protocol in BitTorrent, i.e., the Torrent client. BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols to download and upload large files like movies, e-books, games, digital video files like series, TV shows or digital audio files like songs and music albums in an efficient and quicker manner. BitTorrent Search Engine is not just for downloading files (movies, songs, and games, etc.,) but also to share them. The interface is very simple and contains only the essentials for file sharing, which means it is very easy for the beginners to search and download files or to upload files. BitTorrent Download Free For Windows PC.

BitTorrent Download

BitTorrent allows you to download multiple files simultaneously from different peers. For every download and upload, the interface shows the download and upload speed, file name, size, seeds, and peers. Overall usage can be monitored by using the graphical or tabular view. Magnet files can be added to torrent sites or from within BitTorrent. To download files that are available through BitTorrent, you need a .torrent file. You can download torrentz2 Search Engine file directly from a website, or you can also get torrent files from your friends or any others. Many sites won’t provide direct download option instead they offer .torrent files for downloading files to download files from their websites. So, these sites will be either index sites or trackers. It also provides details about the files available, the source of the files and the data size that is being transmitted.

BitTorrent – Advanced Features

BitTorrent features a search engine to find torrent files, and it also incorporates RSS technology, through which the user will get alerts about the presence of a new torrent online.

Automatic Recovery System – It helps to recover files from the improper shutdown of the program which means you won’t lose your progress.

Bandwidth Allocation – It allows you to increase or decrease the bandwidth limit for downloading and uploading speed.

Remote Control System – This system lets you remotely monitor on your downloads through browsers or Bittorrent remote or some Android apps.

Multiple languages – BitTorrent is available in more than 60 languages and contains files in more than 20 languages.

Send Files (Drag & Drop) – You can drag a file and drop onto the interface of the program which will create a link and then you can share with others.

App Studio – Plugins can be installed to expand the capabilities of the software, and a set of apps can be installed to make downloads faster and connect the user’s account to social networks.

Download scheduler – BitTorrent provides a feature for scheduling your downloads with date and time.

Standard Features of BitTorrent For Windows PC

Faster File Delivery – Move or share larger files quickly as BitTorrent downloads files by breaking them into pieces. Thus, less bandwidth is consumed, and it helps you transfer files at a faster rate.

Unlimited Free Downloading – BitTorrent file-sharing software doesn’t restrict you to downloading files. You can download unlimited files at no cost.

Clear & Configurable Interface – The interface of BitTorrent is intuitive, well organized, and it has come with a modern design. It displays download upload speed, file name, file size, progress, seeds and peers

Powerful & Lightweight – BitTorrent is a quality torrent client that is powerful, robust, configurable, lightweight and can be used for free P2P file downloads.

Instantly Play – No need to wait for the entire file to get downloaded. Play the downloading files instantly while on their download in no time with the BitTorrent.

Bandwidth Booster – Download files based on the speed of your connection. BitTorrent optimize the speed and adjust the bandwidth. So you can even use other apps, and downloading progress will happen in the background.

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How To Install BitTorrent?

The first requirement to download the torrent files is to download and install the BitTorrent software on your desktop. Follow the steps given below to do the same.

Step 1: Go to the official website of BitTorrent to download it. Alternatively, you can click here to go the page directly.

Step 2: Click on the download button to being the BitTorrent download for the PC version.

Step 3: Double click the BitTorrent file after its downloading process from the location you have saved. Click on the Run option and follow the prompts. Look into the .exe file in Start -> Programs -> BitTorrent. Launch BitTorrent file.

Step 4: Now customize BitTorrent preference. If you are opening BitTorrent for the first time, you can choose the BitTorrent application as the default torrent application. If you have opted for no option, then follow the below-mentioned point to make changes manually.

  • At any point, you can select Preferences from the toolbar located at the top of the screen. You will be directed to the General section of Preferences.
  • You can change the BitTorrent startup preference by unchecking the Start BitTorrent when Windows starts.
  • You can decide when and whether to check for the updates by unchecking the box next to Automatically install updates.
  • Choose your preferred location to save the torrent files from the Directories option under General section.
  • Check in the Automatically manage bandwidth option under Bandwidth option in the General section to manage bandwidth preferences.

How To Add a Torrent file?

Once you got the .torrent file that you would like to download, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Double-click on the .torrent file or drag and drop the .torrent file into your client or click on “Add Torrent”  (press Ctrl+O) button on the toolbar and open your .torrent file.

Step 2: After opening the .torrent file, select the folder on which the files will be downloaded.

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Step 3: If the client doesn’t download automatically, you can start manually by clicking on “Start” button on the toolbar or by right-clicking the file and selecting “Start” option.

If you have the direct URL to the .torrent file, you can select “Add Torrent from URL” option by clicking on “File” from the menu bar and enter the URL of the .torrent file.

BitTorrent – Screenshots

BitTorrent Download

BitTorrent Download

BitTorrent Download

BitTorrent Download

BitTorrent Download

BitTorrent Download

BitTorrent Download

BitTorrent Download

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