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BitTorrent Pro Free Download

BitTorrent Pro Free Download

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BitTorrent Pro is an upgrade for an ad-free version that includes various features like anti-virus, file conversion and a built-in HD media player. Generally, BitTorrent is a p2p (peer to peer) network for file protocol communication used widely to disperse data over the internet. It is most commonly used for sharing huge files like movies, software, games and much more.

Features of BitTorrent Pro

Stream Instantly – Preview or watch torrent files as they on download process, since you need not wait for the file to complete.

Ultra-Fast File Delivery – In this technology, torrent files ate divided into small pieces from one or more different files. When the torrent files are divided, it consumes only less bandwidth which means your download speed will be increased.

Built-in Bandwidth Booster – It has auto-adjusts bandwidth feature which adjusts your bandwidth usage based on network connections. Since it runs in the background, your gameplay or video chats will never slow down.

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Automatic Antivirus protection – BitTorrent application automatically scans and screens your torrent file for any viruses and malware to keep your library and PC safe.

Remote, Secure access to files – Now, you can open and manage your media files from any device even when you are far away from your home screen.

Convert files for Tablets, Phones & TV – To play on your iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Apple TV, Android devices, your downloads can be converted.

Free, Unlimited Downloading –  In BitTorrent Pro Software, there are no limits in the downloading number of torrent files or amount of data that you can move.

Download BitTorrent Pro for Free

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BitTorrent Pro Download

BitTorent is also available for

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Screenshots of BitTorrent Pro

BitTorrent Pro

BitTorrent Pro

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