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BitTorrent Search Engine

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BitTorrent Search Engine is to search and find the files which you are looking for. BitTorrent is used to download large size files (movies, songs, games, documents, etc.,) and you can also upload files and time varies based on its size. To download a file, you need a .torrent file, or you should have the direct URL to the .torrent file. You need a BitTorrent search engine to download .torrent files which will be available on many BitTorrent sites. There are many .torrent download websites which contain most of the files that you are searching for. Torrentz2 and IsoHunt are the two main BitTorrent search engines. Other search engines won’t be much effective on comparing with these two; Torrentz2 is the best and the most used BitTorrent search engine to search for files and download it.

In a BitTorrent Search engine, many download sites will be linked in, so while you are searching for a file, it shows the websites that contain the files which you are searching for, so you can download it. – BitTorrent Search Engine

Torrentz2 is the replacement of Torrentz. Torrentz2 is a free and fast meta-search engine for BitTorrent with the larger number of search engines combining with it. It indexes from other torrent websites which should have the .torrent file.

Torrentz2- BitTorrent Search Engine

Torrentz was the second famous largest search engine in 2012 and 2015. In 2016, due to some strange problems Torrentz was shut down and for replacement of Torrentz, Torrentz2 is launched with more powerful search engine. Torrentz2 indexes 55,106,301 torrents from 145,020,374 pages on 63 domains. – BitTorrent Search Engine

IsoHunt is the world’s largest advanced BitTorrent search engine which crawls every BitTorrent trackers. Users can download every torrent file with a torrent client which they want to seed or leech. It is a torrent files index and allows the visitor to search, download and upload various digital data. IsoHunt was founded by Gary Fung in January 2003. The name is derived from the term ISO image which is used to describe a 1:1 soft copy of a disk. At first, it is used to search only IRC files and later it was developed to search torrent files. Every day thousands of torrents were added and deleted. - BitTorrent Search Engine

Kartoo – BitTorrent Search Engine

Kartoo is one of the most powerful search engines. The meta search engine compiles a selection of websites in a comprehensive manner and sorts them by the use of proprietary algorithms relevancy for each query. It assists users to find the most appropriate website without delay for the given query. By semi-automated validation process, the quality, and relevancy of Kartoo’s page are created.

Kartoo - BitTorrent Search Engine

Kartoo’s localized search engines are available for an incomparable user experience which can be selected. Through a user-friendly interface, each country benefits from a market specific directory which gives in-depth information which is available in most different languages.

Toorgle –  BitTorrent Search Engine

Toorgle is a simple and powerful search engine which provides torrent search for over 450 websites at a single stroke. Since it has a well-structured user interface, it is very easy to use and similar to Google’s search engine. Toorgle is an external website which is not connected to i.e., it is a website to find alternatives to the existing ones.

Toorgle -  BitTorrent Search Engine

BitTorent is also available for

BitTorrent for Windows PC

BitTorrent for Mac

BitTorrent Pro free Download

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Kickass – BitTorrent Search Engine

Kickass uses for BitTorrent search engine. is known as a pocket torrent search engine which is minimalist and very light to create as many results as possible in a short period of time. It supports many popular websites that offer free torrents. This BitTorrent search engine visits all websites and scripts the job, so you receives the results for your query in the table.

Kickass - BitTorrent Search Engine – BitTorrent Search Engine

Torrent Finder is a multi search BitTorrent engine which can search over 74 torrent sites and trackers on one page. To check your favourite torrent trackers and sites, you must write your torrent keywords to start your search.

Torrent Finder- BitTorrent Search Engine

You can also add your torrent site in torrent finder by clicking on Add Torrent Site option on the home page. You have to enter your website name,  your email address, logo and send it for approval to add you torrent site.

Torrent Finder- BitTorrent Search Engine

Private Logins are available to log in all private sites and these sites set cookies on your browser so that you can search those sites easily on Torrent Finder search page.

Torrent Finder- BitTorrent Search Engine – BitTorrent Search Engine

Torrents is a torrent multi search engine which contains most famous torrent sites and private trackers based on users rating and sites traffic ranking. In, you can quickly add your favourite sites and its has many categories like Torrent Proxies, Seedbox, Proxy list, P2P community, etc., can search torrents on more than 100 torrent sites. BitTorrent Search Engine

On the right bottom of the torrent search, there is a search settings button where you can change your search option and you can also filter or add some torrent sites. On your top bar, you can change the torrent sites in which you are searching for files.

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